Several Case Studies Demonstrate Our Ability to Turn Leadership Into Sustainable Value

For more than a decade, SMB's Interim Executives have worked with a wide range of clients including public and private companies and private equity groups. Our industry experience covers a wide range of manufacturing, technology and business services. Some examples of our work include:

  • Interim CEO Achieves Results for Private Equity Investors

    This company had earned over 50 industry awards yet like hundreds of other Internet companies, it was burning through its funding. We brought in a CEO who had taken over and turned around at least ten companies. He got results right away: rewrote the business plan; refocused the product from a one-size-fits-all commodity to a strictly custom model; cut staff; and refocused the sales effort. And, with that done, he re-energized the Board, negotiated new critical partnerships and raised $9.5 million in new funding.
  • Interim CEO Melds Units Into Stand Alone Company

    A Fortune 50 company started a new auto parts venture via a number of acquisitions, but lacked the in-house management expertise to run the new business and pull it together into a single operating unit. We brought in a seasoned manager from a related field that understood the markets in which this business operates, to act as the interim CEO. Mentoring high-potential members of the immediate staff to prepare them for more responsible roles in the near future was a major part of SMB's responsibility.
  • Interim Executives Key to Implementing Regional Strategy

    A diversified telecommunications, real estate and transportation concern, turned to us to find a management team to address its troubled telecommunications subsidiary. In a matter of days, we identified an experienced CEO and CFO to refocus the business, reduce capital spending and operating losses, enabling renewed focus on regional top-line growth.
  • Seasoned Manager Tailors Leisure Goods Division For Sale

    We were contacted by the president of a prominent leisure goods manufacturer who needed help managing a key division. We quickly installed a senior manager who had previously run a number of other consumer goods companies and who could provide leadership for the dispirited division. When the company determined that it needed to sell the division, the manager's role was expanded to include positioning the business for sale to a strategic buyer.
  • Turnaround CFO Focuses Laser Company

    A medical laser company came to us in need of an interim CFO to work with the Founder/CEO to correct operational issues that were eroding profitability, and to position the business for sale. We identified an executive who had previously turned around two medical laser companies as CFO and President, respectively, as an ideal candidate for the job. He started that month, and by year-end he had improved the company's performance to such an extent that the Founder/CEO asked him to become Chief Operating Officer so he could step down from active management.
  • General Manager Pilots Net Content Provider

     An Internet company that provides rights management and royalty free digital content needed an interim general manager to cut costs, reorganize and integrate its US business with the international base. In less than 10 days, our manager was on the job. He worked for three months to effect the necessary changes.